Ginnos artificial grass services at competitive prices

Ginnos offers realistic artificial grass and turf to a range of clients throughout Kent, including installation and supply to Dartford, Sidcup , Eltham , longfeild  and Bexleyheath. Ginnos expertise means you not only get the highest quality in products, service and installation, you will also get our commitment to be competitive on price. We don't ever compromise on quality, but we will work hard to ensure the very best outcome for you, our client. That's our commitment. 
We service right around Kent.

Realistic synthetic grass

Ginnos has a range different types of artificial grass to ensure you find the right type for your intended application. Each type of artificial grass in our product range comes with a warranty, so you feel completely safe and satisfied with your product purchase. Our range of synthetic turf is suitable for a variety of applications including sporting grounds, school playgrounds, childcare centres, council facilities and the average front or back yard. Ginnos astro turf comes in range different styles; each with differing height, colour, thickness and dimensions and are designed to replicate natural turf. Artificial turf can be the solution for commercial or recreational applications and Ginnos has the expertise and quality products to deliver.